Candle Care

To help get the most out of your Luana Coast candle and ensure it burns effectively, here are some tips to follow.

The First Burn

When lighting your candle for the first time, ensure that you allow the candle to burn long enough so that the wax melts to the edges of the glass. This will assist in preventing your candle from "tunneling" and increase your candle's useful life. 

Wood Wicks

Luana Coast candles have a wood wick. Wood wicks are a little different to traditional cotton wicks in that they burn longer, smoother and generate a gentle crackling noise.

Ensure your wood wick is trimmed to 5mm before each light to limit the size of the flame and chance of mushrooming and sooting.

Only trim the wick once extinguished and cool.

Keep your candle covered when flame extinguished

All Luana Coast candles come with a wooden lid. When flames are extinguished, ensure the lid is placed on the candle to avoid dust accumulation and scent retention.

Don't burn completely or for too long

While it may be tempting to burn the candle until all the wax is melted, this presents a range of risks including heat damage to surfaces surrounding the candle and overheating of glass. Candles should not be burnt once the wood wick is under 10mm.

We recommend not burning a candle for longer than three (3) hours at a time. This will reduce the risk of excessive sooting and the glass overheating.